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New Project!

A quick preview of the project i’m working on

 Good evening ladies and gentlemen. It’s quite a very lovely night. Do not fear of your own sorrows of what might can happen in the next. ‘Tis is a new project i’m working on. A fellow of infinite jest of most excellent fancy, who had been in love with Liverpool, might read this project.

 I’m currently working on a blog i just made today, it’s all about Liverpool football club. Why? recently, i was browsing the twitterland. Then i found this group of football lovers, “@UnitedMatters”. They’re just a bunch of people who dedicated their knowledge of football, to a blog they made.

 I was inspired by them. So i made the Kopite Times. The blog is in both English nor Bahasa (Not Malaysia lah, but Indonesia). If you’re interested in contributing of what you know about this project i’m working on, you may as well contact me.

 And if you’re really serious about participating about the blog, please mention my twitter, or you can just email me or write a comment down below.

 And i am really hoping that some of you might participate in building and spreading this blog together. Cheers! YNWA